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Photos by Adam Stewart
North School Street side of the Mendocino County Courthouse, built in 1928.

To ensure that the fairness and dignity of proceedings is preserved, and in accordance with California Rule of Court 1.150, prior approval is required for photographing, recording, or broadcasting in the courtroom.

To request approval, the two forms listed below must be completed and submitted to the court prior to the event or hearing to be covered.

MC-500 Media Request to Photograph, Broadcast, or Record

MC-510 Order on Media Request to Permit Coverage

The forms shall be filed with the Clerk’s Office in the division of the Court where the request is directed at least five (5) court days before the portion of the proceeding to be covered unless good cause is shown. The Clerk’s Office will immediately deliver the request to the assigned judge who will rule on the request. If no judge has been assigned, the request will be submitted to the judge supervising the calendar department, and thereafter be ruled upon by the judge assigned to the proceeding.


Photographing and Media Coverage In Other Areas Of Courthouse

Unless approved by written order of the Presiding Judge, filming, videotaping, photographing and electronic recording of any kind is not permitted in any other part of the courthouse, including but not limited to, entrances, exits, halls, stairways, and elevators.  Application for permission for photographing or media coverage in these areas of the courthouse shall be directed to the Presiding Judge by submitting Judicial Council forms MC-500 and  MC-510 to the Executive Office.  

Cameras and recording devices shall be turned off while being transported in any area of the court unless expressly permitted by court order. Filming, video taping and photographing of the interior of any courtroom through the glass door windows or through the double doors, or otherwise is prohibited. No microphones or cameras shall be permitted in any courtroom unless the judge hearing a matter within the courtroom has expressly authorized such use in a written order pursuant to California Rule of Court 1.150 and the local rules of this court.


Notice to Media Agencies

Each media agency shall be responsible for ensuring that all its media personnel who cover the court proceeding know and follow the provisions of the court order and California Rule of Court, Rule 1.150, et seq.

If the request is approved, the judge may specify the placement of media personnel and equipment to permit reasonable photographing or media coverage without disruption of the proceedings. Unless the judge in his or her discretion and for good cause orders otherwise, the following rules shall apply: Rule 1.150, et seq.

  1. One still photographer shall be permitted.

  2. The equipment shall not produce distracting sound or light.
    Signal lights or devices to show when equipment is operating shall not be visible.

  3. Equipment shall be operated by one person.

  4. Operators shall not move equipment or enter or leave the courtroom while the court
    is in session, or otherwise cause a distraction.

  5. Equipment or clothing of media personnel shall not bear the insignia or marking of a media agency.
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