Sunday, January 20, 2019
Judicial Assignments

The bench is comprised of eight judges and one commissioner. Hon. Ann C. Moorman is the Presiding Judge for calendar year 2018 and 2019. Hon. Jeanine Nadel is the Assistant Presiding Judge.


2018 calendar assignments

  • Courtroom Judge Assignment
    A Hon. Keith Faulder Criminal Misdemeanors and Traffic, including Trials
    B Hon. Cindee Mayfield Felony Criminal Matters including Trials
    C Hon. Carly Dolan
    Comm. David Basner
    Family Law, Domestic Violence, Guardianships, etc.
    Child Support - Mondays
    E Hon. Jeanine Nadel General Civil Limited and Unlimited Civil, Probate, Conservatorships and Adult Drug Court
    F Hon. David Riemenschneider Juvenile Delinquency, Dependency, Family Dependency Drug Court
    G Hon. Ann Moorman Overflow for All Departments, Behavioral Health Court
    H Hon. John A. Behnke Felony Criminal Matters, including Trials
    Ten Mile Hon. Clayton Brennan All matters assigned to Ten Mile Branch



The Executive Committee is comprised of three judges who oversee business decisions for the court. 

Executive Committee Members

Hon. Ann C. Moorman, Presiding Judge
Hon. Jeanine B. Nadel
Hon. David Riemenschneider



The Appellate Division of the Superior Court hears appeals on Traffic, Limited Civil, Small Claims, and Unlawful Detainers.  The Appellate Panel Members include three judges and one alternate judge.

Appellate Panel Members

Hon. Cindee F. Mayfield, Presiding Judge of the Appellate Division
Hon. David Riemenschneider
Hon. Ann C. Moorman

Hon. John A. Behnke will serve as an alternate panel member.

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