Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Self-Help will help you find assistance and information as outlined below:


Self-Help Legal Access Center

The SHLA Center provides legal assistance and legal information to self represented litigants.  The Center assists individuals to prepare their own legal forms and understand court procedures.

Domestic Violence Restraining Order Legal Process

Overview of types of orders, forms to fill out, service of documents, and the legal processing of your requested for a restraining order.

Self-Help Resources

A collection of helpful links to websites, documents, guides, and videos to help you find information and assistance.

Clean Slate Project

Provides free assistance and access to legal information to eligible self-represented persons seeking to clean up their criminal records.

Guardianship Program

Provides eligible self-represented persons free assistance and access to legal information about the process of establishing a probate guardianship over a child.

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